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10 Essential Nautical & Sailing Blogs We Think You Should Follow


John Vigor's Blog

John Vigor's Blog   offers readers a truly expert insight into the world of sailing. 

John is the author of 12 books on boating, and one of America's best known boating writers; he has appeared in plenty of "top 10" lists in his lifetime. He boasts a 40 year career as a journalist, English born, but raised in South Africa, John's blog is a fountain of knowledge for any sailing enthusiasts. The blog also has a bookstore, a collection of audio books, and a strange, but nonetheless interesting page about boat naming and naming ceremonies. 

Laho Wind 


Laho Wind 

Another beautiful blog, this documents the adventures of another couple and their dog as they take to the oceans. Jerome, Kim and Oliver are your guides on this blog, and it's easy to get pretty jealous of their glamorous nautical lifestyle. Their sailing adventures are now over, and they are in the process of planning their wedding in Naples. But this blog is still here for you enjoy. They are certainly a photogenic bunch! 

Sailing Totem 


Sailing Totem  makes the list because it is a really nice, friendly, family orientated blog, and we love that. 

Their story is a compelling one; in 2008 they decided to make a radical life change. They moved out of their home and put all their belongings on a boat. This is a blog of their adventures and we think it's brilliant. It's there to inspire readers to do the same (although we're not ready to make the leap yet). 

Where The Coconuts Grow  


Where The Coconuts Grow  is a brilliant blog for people who are thinking about going sailing with their pets. 

This is another family sailing blog, and is great if you are an animal lover and love pictures of dogs. If you're curious about how to make your boat more family friendly, then this is the blog for you. The blog is the product of Peter, Jody, Gunner and Betsy.  

Swell Voyage 


Swell Voyage  is a really inspiring blog for all you solo voyagers out there. 

The solo blog of Liz Clark, who has been sailing in her 40ft sailboat Swell since 2006. The blog documents her experiences and her thoughts on the blog. There's a section offering visitors an insight into Liz herself, along with the history of her nearly 50 year old sail boat. Visually, it's a stunning blog, and has some great photos of Liz, her world and her voyage. 

The Nomad Trip

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The Nomad Trip  is another great account from a solo sailor, with yet more amazing travel stories. 

The blog is the brainchild of Nate Niehuus and is a documentation of his decision to break away from the rat race and make a new, sustainable life for himself on the high seas. He also shares his experiences of spearfishing, freediving and, of course, sailing. 

Sailing Britican


Sailing Britican  is yet another free spirited story of sailing and re-inventing your life. 

The brainchild of Kim Brown, Sailing Britican is an insight into sailing as a couple. As part of an overarching decision to reboot their lives, Kim and her husband set off sailing in a 56" Oyster yacht. A populated blog, an online shop and a compelling account of one couple's voyage of discovery and determination to get away from the rat race. 



gCaptain  is a great interactive community for maritime professionals 

It gives readers access to the best news and articles from the maritime community, and is a diverse resource for industry insiders. As well as a forum, there's a job board, a newsletter and video/multimedia content section. There's also a really interesting section about the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster of 2010. One of the authors of the book, John Konrad, also happens to be one of the editors of the blog. 

The Maritime 


The Maritime is the creation of former US Coast Guard and graduate of the US Merchant Marine navy. It's part of his attempt to share interesting maritime news. 

For hardened sailors and those interested in maritime content, this is a great site full of brilliant resources. Among other things, there is a section on maritime law, a resources page, and a technology page with updates in the latest maritime tech innovations. 

Mondo Vacilando 


Mondo Vacilando is yet another one of those "couple and their dog" blogs. And yet it's impossible to dislike it... 

The blog documents the travels of Chris, Melody and their dog Jet. As well as providing exciting insights into their adventures, you find yourself drawn to their lives and their talent. Chris, as well as being a sailor, is a singer song-writer and Melody is a jewellery maker, computer nerd and fellow writer. It's impossible not to get sucked into the whirlwind of adventure that these two enjoy.