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50 Creative Uses for Ropes


This post is going to highlight some of the most important and creative uses of Ropes, it is such a random topic and although not particularly cool it is important nonetheless. Ropes have been an essential component in innovation for thousands of years for a reason. We are going to explore alternative and creative uses for Rope.

1- Rope signing – Turn your rope into a sign with your name or your school or your partner’s name or an event. All you need is a lengthy rope, glue and some sort of starchy powder to harden it.

2- Shelving – With two bits of thin rope and some wood you can increase storage space within your house. Make 4 holes (Two on each side) on however many layers you want to have and then run the rope through or you can tie the rope of both ends for a single layer shelf. Hang it on the wall and now you have somewhere for your keys or the TV remote.

3- Rope bowl – All it takes is a thick rope, coiling skills, some glue and a small tin can. At the end you’ve got yourself a pencil holder or maybe even a candle holder.

4- Rope handle – This very simplistic procedure requires a basket or bag, two pieces of rope (preferably the same length) and some clips to hold the rope and the basket in place.

5- Homemade bracelets and necklaces – The only requirement here is a piece or pieces of rope and a lighter to burn the ends. It involves a lot of intertwining so any braiding skills will be beneficial. 

6- Rope Rug – This is another step that requires excellent braiding skills, remember to use starch and glue to make the rug stay in place when being moved.

7- Rope Coaster- This process could be quite easy, all you have to do is coil the rope to your desired coaster size and then burn the end to make it stay in place.

8- Pet toys- Dogs especially love their toys, owners can tie different knots on a piece of rope and voila! It's now your dog’s favorite chew toy. 

9- Tug of war rope- I’m hoping this doesn’t need to be explained.

10- Ghost (or Floating) Bed – This requires commitment, and the DIY know-how. The point of this is to suspend the bed in the air to get you further away from the floor.

11- Handrail Rope – Thicker ropes can be used as handrails within a household. Attach clips to the walls and then clip it to the rope at every couple of steps.

12- Mirror frame/Hangers – If you ever find yourself in possession of a frame-less mirror,  instead or leaning it against a surface and risk it falling down and causing serious injuries you can just glue or wrap a piece of rope along the sides leaving enough to be able to hang with.

13- Rope Chair – With rope, some plywood, some thread and some other bits and bobs you can make your own chair that you could then take to the beach or your garden.

14- Pet scratching post – All you need for this is a piece of rope and a thick wooden surface. Instead of having your cats scratching up your furniture you can make a homemade post to divert their attention.

15- Rope Vase – Just a miniature rope bowl, you can make it different by mixing different color rope. All you need is a piece or pieces of rope and a tall tin can.

16- Rope Buttons – Most of the people I know express themselves through their clothing; they want to be different and unique. Well this allows you to add a bit of yourself to your clothing. Just another miniature rug, the rope has to be measured out so it works out to be the same size as the button being replaced.

17- Jute stools/Table (Rope edition) - these stools can be expensive in shops like John Lewis and Debenhams with prices ranging from as low as £65 to as high as £299. You can now make your own stool and tables for a lot cheaper. All you need is an old table or stool (If you haven’t got one readily available then a charity shop would be a good place to get one). Intertwine the rope around the table or stool preferably with a particular design in mind. Burn the edge of the rope together so it doesn’t get loose.

18- Rope Drawer Handle -For those annoying handles on the draws that have come loose. Instead of screwing it back in just to come loose again you could replace the handle with a piece of rope, tie both ends and cut off any extra bits. After cutting off the extra bits you could also burn the both ends just for good measure.

19- Rope swing – This is a classic but I still felt obligated to add it to the list. You can make this with a piece of rope and an old wooden chair. Show your kids how you had fun before the internet and consoles.

20- Curtain Hammock with a guest appearance from ropes! – With an old curtain and several pieces of rope you’ll be napping in your garden in no time.

21- Napkin Rings – For those of us that want to be classy on a budget. This is quite simple and straight forward. Maybe you wouldn’t use it on a daily biases but for dinner party or Christmas lunch.

22- Rope + Old tire ottoman – these could be good around the garden or if you can handle the old tire smell then it would do just fine in the living room. It’s perfect for extra sitting space when you’ve got company round.

23- Paper weight/Door stopper – A piece of rope tied into knots can be used as paper weight for those pesky windy days. If it’s heavy enough it can also be used as a door stop. And if you are feeling particularly creative you can even use are extra bits to make an handle.

24- Rope bathroom rug- This requires a long rope or different pieces and some glue to hold them in place. For prettier results use braided and colorful rope.

25- Rope Hanger – This is another classic and I don’t think I have to explain how to use a rope as hanger right? Nail rope to wall, hang things on rope.

26- Tow Rope- Let’s say you run out of petrol not too far from you house and you have a sturdy rope in the back, you could easily call a friend that drives to pull your call home. (Alternatively if you have a really strong friend he could do the same)

27- Rescue Rope- it is always good for campers and hikers to have some rope handy, one use out of many others is to use to pull people out of water or up or down a steep hill.

28 – Rope divider – Another obvious use for rope is to act as a divider between properties or personal space. If you have a pesky neighbor that continuously invades your private space then this is a polite way of telling them mind their business. You need some long pieces of rope (preferable thick) and bits of wood (Preferable same length) to balance the ropes.

29- Rope Lights- Fairy Lights are trending these days, how about you step it up a notch by intertwining it with a bit of rope and hanging them around the house and even in your garden.

30- Rope Bookend- Nobody I know has ever gone shopping with the intention of buying a bookend for their shelf (Trust me I’ve asked). You need a block of some sort (wooden or otherwise) and a lengthy rope to wrap around it. Depending on the level of skill you have when it comes to tying ropes you can even design it to go with the flow of the rest of the room.

31- Rope Pendant- Although this project will require a generous amount of rope and time it is a perfect project to undertake with the entire family and as a bonus you have pretty lamps after. 

32- Fruit bowl- A rope fruit bowl can be a welcome addition to your kitchen top or dining table. You need a medium sized can, some glue sticks and of cause rope.

33- Rope Heel Straps- This is a special one for the ladies, all you need is a pair of heels and the same color rope to match. Each piece of rope can be tied in a figure 8 knot just to add a bit of design. 

34- Picture Rope Hanger- This is another obvious one but it is also useful for people that don’t own their own homes yet and don’t want to risk making holes in the wall for risk of not getting your deposit back. You can simply hang a long rope from one end of the room to the other and use pegs to hold the pictures up. With imagination and creativity you can make what you've got work for you.

35- Rope Curtain- If you’re living in a temporary accommodation and looking for an alternative to spending money on curtains, with bits of lengthy rope you could make an improvised curtain your kitchen or bedroom windows. Beads would make the curtains more fashionable.

36- Hanging Rope Plant Pot- To add a bit of class to your garden or front porch you can get three or four small to medium sized baskets, run some rope through them leaving enough to hang comfortably and tie the rope ends in knots.  

37- Hangable candle Lamps - Making one of these requires some candles and old jars laying around the house and some rope. Tie the rope around the jar using glue to secure it in place and then place the candle inside. It’s Simple right? As you get better you can then start to try out new designs, the only limitation is your imagination.

38- Clothesline – The clue is in the name, it does exactly what it says, when you’re out camping or when the sun's up a good way to spread your clothes is to tie a rope between two trees just above shoulder height and when you’re done simply untie the rope.

39- Key Holder – This is another easy and obvious one, string a bit of rope through your keys, make a twist or braid the loose rope and then burn both ends of the rope together.

40- Fishing Line- This process requires a line of this strong rope, simply tie one end of the rope to a pin that has been bent in the shape of a hook.

41- Rope Dog Leach- You can easily attach a piece of rope to your dog’s collar.

42- Rope Grip – You know when you have sweaty hands and you keep dropping your flashlight or losing the grip on your bike handle? Well you can wrap a string of rope around the length of the handle of the flashlight or bike to increase grip.

43- Measurements- If you know the length of your rope you can use it to measure things around the house, and if you're outdoor you can tie a rock to one end of the rope and drop it in water to measure the depth.

44- Rope Bangles – This is pretty straight forward, to keep up with fashion trends you can simply braid a peiece or rope that fits onto your hand easily and then tie or burn the end of the rope. To improve presentation spray with gold or silver spray paint.

45- Hiking/Rock Climbing – A thick durable rope can act as a secure climbing rope.

46- Shoe Laces- A thin rope can serve as an emergency shoe lace when you need it.

47- Travel Strap- When you’re moving house and need to strap items to your can and you don’t have a cargo strap handy you can improvise with a rope.

48- Belt- This one is a bit old school but it is still relevant.

49- Perimeter Wires (Security) - You can use this as an improvised alarm system when outdoors, tie some cans to a bit of rope around your gear or tent. The cans rattle so if an animal  tries to get close to your tent or belongings you’ll be forewarned.

50 - Skipping Rope- Finally we decided to end this with an oldie but goody. For the kids and for adults alike this will provide something for the whole family to take part in. The process is straightforward; the only thing to remember is to tie a large knot (Preferably a Double Overhand Knot) to both ends of the rope so as to improve the grip.

These are only a few of the things that can be done with rope, like I said at the start of this post we as humans have been using ropes for thousands of years and are still finding new ways to use it. If you think there is something i missed out on this list leave a comment below and we’ll add it to the sequel of this post.