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Creative Ways to Use VELCRO: The Ultimate Guide


VECLRO is one of the most useful materials in almost every environment. Whether it’s using it around the house or to organise you at work, VELCRO will almost certainly come to the rescue.

We decided to spend some time reading and collecting some of the most favoured articles, guides and resources from around the web, all based around how useful VECLRO can be for anybody.

Split in to four chapters, you’ll find tips for around the home, in the classroom, at the office, for creating crafts and to use in your leisure time; we’ve covered all grounds!

Go ahead, grab your daily dose of inspiration...

Creative ways to use VELCRO at Home

You’d be utterly surprised at just how many ways VECLRO can come in handy around the house.

Whether it’s to display pictures of your loved ones with no fuss, organise the never ending wires lurching from your bedroom or to decorate without having to pick up a hammer, it’s covered.

Take a look at some of the most useful, creative and practical ways of using VELCRO around the home with these super resources...

velcro at home

Creative ways to use VELCRO in the classroom

More and more classrooms around the world are embracing VELCRO and teachers are using the material to all of its advantage, whether it is displaying work by pupils or using it to organise work, VECLRO boasts many advantages in the classroom.

Many teachers find VELCRO particularly useful when teaching those with a learning disability as it promotes practical thinking and helps with, well, everything!

Here we have the webs best tips when utilising VELCRO in the classroom: 

velcro classroom

Combining Craft Ideas and VELCRO

VELCRO is particularly helpful when getting creative, the simplicity and practical nature of its material opens up endless possibilities when getting creative.

Here are some great ways for you to combine your craft ideas with VELCRO:

velcro craft ideas

Using VELCRO for DIY projects

As you will have gathered, VELCRO is super practical and will help to solve many problems, especially when it comes to do it yourself projects.

Whether it’s finding useful hacks for your leisure time or making your DIY projects more effective, VELCRO to the rescue!

These are just a few possibilities when using VELCRO in your spare time and here some more ideas from others alike...

diy velcro