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How to Travel the World in a Boat: The Definitive Guide


With so many people feeling disenfranchised at work there are more and more stories surfacing of individuals and families alike. All of them sell their worldly goods and quit their jobs in favour of a life at sea. The main attraction of this life is freedom. You can go anywhere at anytime and there's no one to tell you that you can't (well except the other people you might be travelling with!).

It won’t be easy however.

You’ll have to leave friends and family behind for long periods of time and it’s likely that there’ll be limited contact with them. However don’t let this put you off, from Europe to Southeast Asia there are so many fantastic destinations that you can visit and due to your freedom you can stay for as long as you want in one place. Use our following guide to get some of the best tips as well as great places to visit and get all of the equipment you'll need.

To be brutally honest a life on a boat isn't for everybody. There's lots of mental and physical challenges that go along with living cut off from normal society for a long period of time. However if you can cope with it the boating life is full of freedom and exploration.

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Whilst travelling you'll of course need a boat but some people don't think about some of the small things that you'll need. Plenty of rope, water and food are obvious essentials and there's plenty more to go with it.

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Surviving on a boat will be tough. However, plenty of people have done it. One of the essential skills that you need to have is the ability to catch and gut fish. This will be vitally important if your food supplies were to ever dwindle. Another useful task is being able to turn sea water into drinking water.

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Want to know what the lives of people who are currently out at see are like? If so, then these bloggers are a great place to start. With plenty of insight into all of their day to day lives, you'll definitely take some inspiration from these extraordinary people.

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There are so many gems that you may never have heard of hidden around Europe. Croatia is one of our favourite destinations to visit and has mostly stayed away from massive commercial changes. With so many port towns like Rovinj and (personal choice) Makarska, you'll be spoilt for choice and will really be able to take advantage of some beautiful locations.

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South America's costline (especially Chile) is one that is little explored by many. With superb port towns such as Arica and Valparaiso you'll be spoilt for choice for a place to lay anchor. If you're looking for escapes in North America try quaint towns in Connecticut and Washington.

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As you probably know there's a plethora of islands in Asia (specifically in the Southeast) so they're some of the more obvious choices for places to visit. However there are many different ports on the mainland that are definitely worth a visit. Some of these include Shanghai, Goa and Kaoh Kong.

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With so many coastal towns and cities in both Austalia and New Zealand, Oceania is a great place to spend a summer exploring. Why not visit Tasmania? With very little exposure (other than the cartoon) Tasmania remains an excellent place to visit with some superb attractions in Hobart.

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With very little tourism to much of Africa you may think that options are sparse for areas to visit. However, with Africa being such an expansive continent with thousands of miles of coastlines, there are some diamonds in the rough to be found on this stunning continent.

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